If the puppy pees on your floor it’s not the puppy’s fault it’s yours because you weren’t watching them close enough. If you catch your puppy peeing or pooping, make a loud noise, to distract them a bit and take puppy outside before you clean the mess up. That way puppy is associating being outside with that action. However, if you don’t catch them in the act just clean up the mess, the puppy has already forgotten what they just did and has moved onto doing something else. Praise the positive and ignore the negative.

Until your puppy is house trained try to keep him/her to areas of your home that are easy to clean if there is an accident. If you have area rugs roll them up until your puppy is trained. Carpet is very absorbent and puppies like it because if they pee they don’t get their feet wet. However it’s much more difficult to clean a rug or carpet so remove the temptation if you can or avoid those areas unless you’re watching your puppy constantly.

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