Puppies don’t have opposable thumbs and to test out the world as babies they use their mouth. If your puppy is chewing on something you don’t want him/her to you need to make sure they understand this is inappropriate behavior. You need to show him who is boss otherwise he’ll think you’re his dog. So if he nips or bites on something you don’t want him to make a very LOUD noise which will redirect his attention enough that you can focus his attention on; something else like a toy.

If he is nipping at your toes or fingers make a LOUD noise like he’s hurting you a lot even if it doesn’t hurt. This will let him know that he’s doing something that hurts you. Use a very stern deep voice to say ‘NO’ to scold him. It is important that your puppy learns that biting is bad.  Remember that you are bigger than your puppy.  It is easy for you to not allow the puppy to bite you.

When the puppy is with its mother and if the puppy bit its mother, its mother bites it.  Puppy learns very quickly that biting hurts and is bad and does not do it any more.

If puppy is with you and you allow it to bite and nip you or your children when it is little, it learns that biting and nipping is acceptable behavior and will continue to do it.  If your dog grows up to bite and nip, it is your fault not your dogs.

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