Our Chinese Crested puppies were born on June 19, 2015

There are 2 Males in the Litter
Only 1 Male Left

  • 1 Tri Colour Hairless Male
  • 1 Tri Colour Powder Puff Male - SOLD

This litter of Chinese Crested puppies will weigh between 11 and 14 lbs when they are adults

Our Chinese Crested puppies are $ 850 + hst
They can be sold CKC Registered for $ 1,150 + hst

If you are interested in our puppies and have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 905-830-2290.

To view our other puppies please see our puppies for sale page. A puppy is not promised unless a Deposit has been given.


Breed Description

The Chinese Crested is a pure breed dog originating from China.

They are a member of the toy breeds and is a very intelligent and affectionate dog.

They are very intelligent, inquisitive and attentive and train very well.

They are a higher energy dog but due to their small size and stature their exercise requirements are easily met with a short walk or play in the back yard or park.

They are good with children and other dogs and are very friendly and interactive.

There are 3 Hair Varieties with the Hairless Crested.

  • Hairless – Hair on the Head and Tail and Hocks of the Feet
  • Hairy Hairless – Hair on the Head that continues down the Spine to the tail like a horses mane and on the Hocks of the Feet.
  • Powder Puff – Hair on all parts of the body.

Hairless Crested, being a toy breed, usually weigh between 8 to 11 pounds.

They will require coats for outdoor activity to protect them from the sun and from cold weather.

They will do well in a condo or a house. Walks are not required they will make for a happier puppy.

The Hairless Crested is shed little to no hair and are a good choice for those with allergies or asthma.

They Hairless variety requires little to no grooming and the Powder Puff will require regular grooming with a hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks.

To see our Hairless Crested puppies for sale please see our puppies for sale page.

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