• Weylinmarsh's Bugzy McDuff Jr


  • Weylinmarsh's Baby Ruth


  • Weylinmarsh's Little Munchkin


  • CKC Weylinmarsh's Tic & Toe

    Tic & Toe

  • CKC Registered Weylinmarsh's Tac not X or O - call name Tac


  • CKC Regsitered Shih Tzu - Jade
  • CKC Registered Shih Tzu - Jack


  • CKC Regsitered Shih Tzu - Snickers


  • CKC Registered Shih Tzu puppies for sale


  • CKC Registered Shih Tzu puppies for sale


We breed for the Shih Tzu breed Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) standard. You will not find any T-Cup Shih Tzu’s with us, so if that is what you are looking for please do not contact us.  Our smallest parent is about 8 lbs and largest 16 lbs. Our Shih Tzu are friendly, social and like all Shih Tzu, somewhat comical. We are breeding for CKC Breed Standard but our paramount consideration is Health and Temperament. We have procured our Shih Tzu parents from trustworthy breeders in Canada and also in the USA of AKC and CKC parentage.  Our 2 new males are on the smaller side and are both compact and sturdy. We are trying for a Shih Tzu that will range in the 10 – 12 range eventually. Our CKC Registered Shih Tzu parents are as follows:

  • Weylin Marsh Hardwood Jack – white – call name – Jack (stud)
  • Weylinmarsh Bugzy McDuff JR – gold & white – call name – Bugzy (stud)
  • Corrines Dreams of Kisses – chocolate – call name – Kisses
  • Corrines Hopes for Hugs – chocolate – call name – Hugs
  • Weylinmarsh Jade of all Trades – liver – call name – Jade
  • Weylinmarsh Hooker is Happy – black & white – call name – Happy
  • Weylinmarsh Hickey Not a Bite – silver – call name – Hickey
  • Weylinmarsh’s Baby Ruth – black – call name – Ruthie
  • Weylinmarsh Snickers is Nutty – liver & white – call name Snickers
  • Weylinmarsh’s Little Munchkin - liver & white – call name Munchkin
  • Weylinmarsh’s Tic not that Tic - call name Tic
  • Weylinmarsh’s Tac is too Sharp - call name Tac 
  • Weylinmarsh’s Toe not X and O – call name Toe
  • Weylinmarsh’s Happi Happi Happi - gold & white – call name - Happi

The Shih Tzu is a great unique dog.  It is loving, a little stubborn and full of love.  Low energy, smart, great with children and will fit into any family or home. When you look into the eyes of a Shih Tzu and you know that they are beautiful then you know that you have found the dog for you. _________________________________________________________________  The Shih Tzu is a true companion dog and makes an ideal family pet. They are one of the original lap dogs and the quintessential house pet.

Always bred to be a lap dog, and are happy, outgoing, and affectionate. Their excellent temperament and their friendly and trusting nature make them great companions. Shih Tzu’s are very lovable and make wonderful house pets and are great with children and generally will get along with anyone or anything. Shih Tzu’s can vary in size and their usual weights can range between 9 to 16 pounds, with some being heavier or lighter. Being a small dog, they do not require extensive exercise. Playing in the house or condo, combined with the occasional brisk walk should suffice. The Shih Tzu is non-shedding and considered hypo-allergenic. Those that have asthma or animal allergies will find them more suitable for them. They will require regular grooming with a hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks and although bows are not required, they are absolutely acceptable, even on the boys.

All of our puppies are sold as pets. Not for Breeding and not for Showing. If you are interested in having a CKC Registered puppy to Show please contact us about Show puppy availability.       www.weylinmarsh.com www.ckchavanese.com

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