• CH WeylinMarsh's Parti's 1st Fiesta - call name Fe Fe


  • GCH Midnight's Parti Girl Of Weylinmarsh - call name Parti


  • CH Weylinmarsh's Para Azul - Havanese female


  • AM CH GCH Selah Leavin N Impression - call name Aspen


  • CH WeylinMarsh's A Lady to Di for - call name Vanna or Lady


  • CH Ultimae Dream Udino Star of Havanese - call name Dino


  • CH WeylinMarsh's Tiger or Apu - call name Tigger


  • CH WeylinMarshs Formerly Known As - call name Prince


  • CH WeylinMarsh's Plata Esterlina - call name Lina


  • CH WeylinMarsh Bramble Sweetbriar - call name Briar



We are only accepting new names onto our Notification List for potential 2021 litters as our List is full for any potential 2020 Litters now

If you’d like to be added to our Havanese List use this email link requesting such

Our Havanese are among the Best Havanese In Canada with the CKC and HOLA.

In 2014 we showed our GCH Welinmarsh’s The Bramble King to his Canadian Grand Championship.
He also won Select Dog at the HOLA Havanese Specialty at the International Center.
Bramble ranked as high as #6 Havanese in Canada in 2014.

In 2015 we showed one of our puppies GCH Midnight’s Parti Grl of Weylinmarsh to her Championship while she was a puppy.
Then to her Grand Championship shortly after.  She also won Select Bitch at the HOLA Havanese Specialty at the International Center.  Parti ranked as high as #7 Havanese in Canada for 2015 and #2 in 2016 along with her Canadian National Champion for 2016.

Also in 2015 we showed CH Weylinmarsh Bonita Perra Azul to her Championship and CH Weylinmarsh’s A Tigger Or Apu with her Championship as well

In 2016 we took GCH Midnight’s Parti Grl of Weylinmarsh to the Nationals in British Columbia where she took first place in the Nationals as well as the BC Regionals.  We also showed our puppy Champion Weylinmarsh Linda G’s Kookidoe and she took best puppy in show.  We continued to show Kookie to her Champion and finished 2016 with GCH Midnight’s Parti Grl of Weylinmarsh ranking #2 in Canada with the CKC.  In addition we showed and Championed our other puppy Champion Weylinmarshs Formerly Known As affectionatley known as Prince and finished him to his Champion status

2017 is starting out with our new male Selah Leavin N Impression.  He has already earned a 4 point major at his first show in the United States.  AM GCH Selah Leavin N Impression ( Aspen ) quickly got his Champion and Grand Champion ranking with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).  At his 1st show in Canada he took 4 points on his 1st day.  Aspen finished 2017 ranking #5 in Canada for Havanese

We started out our new puppy Cinderela in 2017.  Thanks to our fantastic Handler Jennifer Watson, ‘Cindy’ as we call her is now Weylinmarsh’s Cinderella She R

2018 started with continuing to Special AM CH GCH Selah Leavin N Impression and started CH Weylinmarsh Parti’s 1st Fiesta.  She is proving to follow in her parents footsteps.  Additionally we will be introducing our new male brought in from Germany; CH Ultimate Dream Udino Star of Havanna He is a handsome sable male and we’re expecting big things from him

2019 we started Weylinmarsh’s Plata Esterlina and Weylinmarsh Bramble’s Sweebriar both of which have now received their Champion status.  Also started this year is a male we purchased named Yaya’s It’s Time for Weylinmarsh AKA Timmy.  Parti’s litter this year brought us Weylinmarsh’s Barrymore.  She’s stunning as well and we expect she’ll champion quickly.


Our Havanese Pedigree is as follows: 

We pride ourselves with the quality, health and temperament of our Havanese.

We are looking for show homes for some of our puppies.

If you are interested in showing a Havanese please let us know.


The Havanese is a breed of dog indigenous to Cuba.

The Havanese makes for a very happy, good tempered and friendly dog. They love people and get along with other dogs and pets.

The Havanese is a Toy breed.

They will be mid energy to low and the love a good walk a few times per week or a short game of fetch.

The Havanese is even tempered and very social and quite hardy for a small breed dog.

The Havanese can range between 9 and 14 lbs depending on size of the parents.

The Havanese is non-shedding and considered hypo-allergenic and allergy sufferers should find that they can tolerate them better than a shedding dog.

The longer their hair the more brushing they will need. They will also need hair cuts every 6 to 8 weeks depending how you want them to look. 

The Havanese will fit well into almost any living situation

Our puppies are normally sold as CKC registered pets. We show our dogs and most of our parents are CKC Registered Chamipions and Grand Champions or have come from Champion bloodlines.  

If you are interested in having a Registered puppy to Show please contact us about Show puppy availability.





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