This is CH WEYLINMARSH BONITA PERRA AZUL a gentle. cuddly submissive female Havanese.

She was born on July 22, 2014 and she’s been a great mom and companion for us.  She is now 7 years old and we’re looking for a good retirement home for her

She’s up to date on her vaccinations, she’s been spayed and had her teeth cleaned.

Azul is being sold with CKC Registration.  Please contact us at 905-830-2290 if you are serious about giving Azul a good home or if you have any questions.  


The Havanese is a breed of dog indigenous to Cuba. They are very happy, good tempered and friendly dog. They love people and get along with other dogs and pets.

The Havanese is a Toy breed. The Havanese is considered mid to low energy and the love a good walk a few times per week or a short game of fetch.

The Havanese is even tempered and very social and quite hardy for a small breed dog. They can range between 9 and 14 lbs depending on size of the parents.

The Havanese is non-shedding and considered hypo-allergenic.  Allergy sufferers should find that they can tolerate them better than a shedding dog.

They do require brushing to ensure there are no tangles or mats in their hair.  The longer their hair the more brushing they will need. They will also need hair cuts every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how you want them to loo. 

The Havanese is a congenial and happy breed that will fit well into almost any living situation

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